Version control systems sometimes create a hidden directory in the repository. Git creates a .git directory, and Mercurial creates a .hg directory. If the contents of a web site are managed with Git or Mercurial, this directory is sometimes exposed on the web. In this post we look at a way to download these directories.

Exposed version control directories

Source code is often managed in a version control system like Git or Mercurial. This also makes it easy to deploy. Just run git pull in the /var/www directory on the server and the source code is updated. When using this method, a hidden directory is created by the source control software. In many configurations, this directory can be accessed over the Internet, by simply browsing to or

Downloading the contents

If directory listing is enabled on the server, all files under .git or .hg are viewable and can be downloaded with a mirroring tool like wget. If directory listing is disabled, it is still possible to download all the contents, but this needs a bit of work.

The hard thing is finding out the file names even though we don’t have a list of available files. Luckily, the .git and .hg directories contain a list of files in a format specific for the repository. After downloading a few files with fixed names, we can ask the version control software for a list of files.

For example, .hg directories have a defined structure. They always contain .hg/store/00manifest.i, .hg/store/00changelog.i and some other files. Once we download these, we can run hg --debug manifest to get a list of files under source control. Then we can download the Mercurial information for each of these files.

If all files succesfully downloaded, hg update -C restores all files. If some files did not download, the repository can be repaired by using the convert extension.

I have created a tool that will automatically download the files in a .hg directory. There is also a tool for Git.


Don’t expose your source control directory. A good way to make sure you don’t is by using a subdirectory of your repository as web root.

When a site has its .hg directory exposed, you can use sprengel to download it.

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