I made a script to generate random bingo cards with vulnerabilities on it. Now you can play vulnerability bingo.


I wrote a script that makes a random bingo card where each cell contains a vulnerability type instead of a number. Now you can play bingo with your colleagues. Cross out the vulnerabilities you find and see who is the first the get five in row.

This can also help to look for vulnerabilities that you wouldn’t normally focus on. It is a fun way to have a checklist of 25 vulnerabilities.

Download your randomized bingo card here.

Running the script

You can find the script on GitHub.

git clone https://github.com/Sjord/vulnbingo
cd vulnbingo
mkvirtualenv -p $(which python3) vulnbingo
pip install -r requirements.txt
python vulnbingo.py

This creates a file output.docx which contains your randomized bingo card. The vulnbingo.py script puts the vulnerabilities listed in vulns.txt in the template.docx file and writes it to output.docx.

Bingo card with 25 vulnerabilities, such as CSRF, XSS.