Ziggo (or UPC) is a cable company in Europe that offers internet over cable. One of the DOCSIS modems they offer is the Compal CH7465LG-ZG, or Ziggo Connectbox. This post describes where the screws are and to open the modem enclosure to get to the hardware.

One screw in the back

On the back there are the network ports and the cable connection. The grey area with the text on it is a sticker. Peel that back to reveal the screw hole next to UTP port 4. The screws are security torx, size 10.

Two screws in the front

On the front, there is a cover plate that covers the lights and WPS button. Remove this plate. Behind it are two screws, one of which is covered by a “warranty seal” sticker.

Lift side panel

After removing the screws, the side panel can be lifted, starting at the bottom.


The modem is now open. The PCB is screwed to the casing, again using security torx size 10. After removing the three screws, wiggle the PCB out of the casing. It’s a tight fit, so you may need to bend the plastic a little to get the PCB out.

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